Silk Skin Mask Sheet

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A must-have for Asian women, face sheet masks are a beauty hero thanks to their convenience, portability and effectiveness in lending skin an instant hit of hydration and radiance and 001 Skincare’s silk sheet mask is no exception.

A DIY mask designed to be used with a complimentary skincare hydrosol, its 2ndSKN technology merges with our skin’s natural proteins to infuse the active ingredients, helping your skin better absorb the goodness.

This ultimate facial sheet mask leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and plumper, and the complexion brightened with every use.


This DIY mask has multiple benefits; it’s easy to use, the material merges with the skin for high absorbability and it avoids the non-skin friendly ingredients present in most pre-packed masks (sealed pouches with a high water content demand a relative shelf life which equals preservatives and more). Making each mask as you use it ensures you are infusing the freshest, most active ingredients into your skin every time.


Asian-born, Ada knows the best material for mask sheets is made of silk fibres. The natural silk fibres contain natural proteins that can be identified by our skin, hence creating a regenerating effect, having the ability to guide all the nutritive ingredients to be infused into the skin for recovery and nourishment.

With 001 Skincare’s 2ndSKN technology (using medical-grade material), the silk sheet masks are woven to capture maximum moisturising molecules from the complimentary skincare product, infusing it into the skin (meaning it doesn’t evaporate into the air). And unlike paper masks, because it’s feather light and so close to the skin, it offers the perfect fit, allowing you to move around as you’re using the more flattering, almost transparent shade.

“When you put a mask on your skin occlusion causes a decrease in water evaporation, increasing the water content in your skin. Our silk sheet face mask gives a deep hit of hydration, plumping the skin and gifting it with a burst of radiance”.€ – Ada Ooi, Founder of 001 Skincare


Combined with 001 Rosa Damascena Essence Mist (containing 98% rose water) or Pure Hydrolat Lavender Toner (made with 99% pure hydrolat from distilled Lavender) this super moisturising and radiance brightening mask works hard and fast to improve skin’s elasticity and tone, plump up fine lines, smoothen and brighten the complexion€“ restoring balance to stressed out skin.



1. Take off PEARL sheet
2. Fill jar with a little of 001 Skincare’s Rosa Damascena Mist or Pure Hydrolat Lavender Toner
3. Fully soak a 001 Silk Skin Mask Sheet inside and shake well
4. Press lightly with fingertips to set in place over your face, adjusting it to the position in line with your eyes and lips. Take off BLUE sheet.
5. Leave on for 15 minutes, then peel off and rub any residue into skin until absorbed.

Top Tip: Soak 2-3 masks at a time and store in fridge, use within 7 days.



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