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001 Temperature-Conditioning™


Temperature-Conditioning™ is a methodology 001 has devised to improve skin conditions as caused by natural ageing and oxidative damage.

Sub-zero temperature will on one hand cause rapid vasoconstriction i.e. constriction of blood vessels and capillaries leading to immediate skin tightening. It will also trigger the body to increase necessary temperature and call blood to supply the affected area, causing a stable dilation of blood vessels and lymphatic capillaries. The increased blood microcirculation cycle speeds up the metabolic processes, nourish the skin with a rush of oxygen to the skin while flushing away toxins and CO2. Shocking the skin at sub-zero temperature will also give an almost 'flight or flight' signal and re-ignite movements. The whole metabolic process mimics our body as it is going through an intense work out.

EXPLORE 001 Temperature-Conditioning™ GADGETS


Maintain perfect water-oil barrier

SKIN-ID™ BLEND is a bespoke technique we developed to identify natural oils that are most identifiable by our skin to create a strong lipid (oil) barrier. Having a good water-oil balance is the foundation of healthy skin however as we age both water & oil levels drop in our skin, while a weak lipid barrier can also cause water content & electrolytes to evaporate easier into the air causing dryness and other accompanying ageing concerns like wrinkles & pigmentation to entail.

We've created blends with oils that adhere to our natural skin structure while not clogging the pores, not only they are suitable to moisturise dry skin but also able to control sebum secretion for oily or acne-prone skin. SHOP HERE



All our serums are made with a safe, natural base infused with superlative ingredients that are either natural/lab derived, with scientific studies that show their efficacies targeting different ageing concerns. 

WIth that in mind, our serums have won numerous global awards and also being used by A-Lists' Make Up Artists on their celebrity clients. SHOP THEM HERE

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