001's Skincare's Ultimate Guide to Gifting -Part I

Gifting made easy

24 NOVEMBER, 2020

It’s no secret that Christmas can be stressful; whilst shopping in Oxford Circus and raucous work parties might not be on the agenda this year, online browsing can be just as overwhelming. 

We recognised just how easy it is to get lost in a sea of presents and products promising the world and more; so when creating our gift sets this year we wanted to keep things simple and streamlined, with a touch of 001 signature luxury. Each set has been carefully curated for optimum efficacy and performance, hand selecting products which work synergistically so each kit is fully representative of 001 as a brand. 

001’s gift sets have been meticulously designed so that they can refresh existing skincare routines, with products and tools to give any complexion a major boost. Whether you’re gifting a fellow beauty lover, a skincare newbie or even a gift for yourself, we’ve got all your Christmas gift giving needs covered. Read over our 3 part gift guide for the ultimate gift-giving advice! 

Indulgent Facials from Home:

My friend's a complete skincare addict like me, I’d usually get her voucher for a facial, but this year I’m not even sure where to begin?

We hear you, beauty treatments are a failsafe gift for the skincare junkies amongst us but COVID-19 has sadly and rather selfishly put a stop to cosy notions of lazy spa days vouchers and relaxing facials. Fortunately, when creating these gift sets, professional standard, at-home facials were at the forefront of our selection process. 


Choose between: 

./ The Red Carpet Self Care Kit

This kit fully embodies the term luxury beauty. Made up of some of our most cult products, we created this kit with the goal of bringing the indulgence of in-clinic facial treatments to you at home. Thanks to the coveted beauty gadgets and powerhouse formulas included in this set, you can achieve a red carpet glow without leaving your house. Containing: 

The CRYOpress®

The CRYOpress® works to rejuvenate, brighten and refresh your skin.

Using ice therapy to increase blood flow by pumping oxygen and nutrients to the skin, the result is younger, healthier looking skin.

When the CRYOpress® comes into contact with your face, the coldness will increase microcirculation and encourage cell growth and collagen production while flushing out toxins.

The microSculptor™ No.1 and No.3 

Our handcrafted Gua Sha tools promise to improve our internal and external skin health by facilitating therapeutic massage and stimulating bio-responsive movements. Crafted out of the precious Chinese stone Bian, the microSculptor™  it is carved specially to fit the contours of our face, simultaneously stimulating and relaxing, the microSculptor™  mimics the performance and results of a professional facial. Working to lift and sculpt, depuff, boost circulation, aid lymphatic drainage and relieve tension, these wonder tools leave you looking brighter, younger and rejuvenated. 

Alpha Glow Flash Facial 
Serum-Primer-Mask 15ml

This multi-tasking award winning serum is enriched with a plethora of skin-saving actives to boost hydration, soothe inflammation, increase elasticity and promote collagen production. Ada recommends using in tandem with the CRYOpress® for maximum efficacy. 


VA Repair & Reglow TCM-Warming Concentrate 

This wonder serum is packed with nourishing Cherry Kernel Oil, a noted warm-natured TCM ingredient, it’s high in Vitamin A and antioxidants and boasts a plethora of skin-boosting benefits. As well as boosting circulation and fortifying, it refines pores, improves dryness, stimulates collagen production and reduces appearance of fine lines. 


VF Detox & Balance TCM-Cooling Concentrate

This cooling elixir serum promises to target irritated, acne-prone skin with the presence of clarifying, astringent and detoxifying ingredients. Inflammation and irregular sebum production are often the main cause of breakouts and redness, so gentle, hydrating formulas are essential. This feathery light oil contains Watermelon Seed Oil, which boasts a high Vitamin F content to balance sebum secretions, calm inflammation and aid healing and rejuvenation. 

 Limited time offer of £220 (Worth £313) 


../ MicroSculpt Joy 

A little more purse friendly, this kit is perfect for aesthetic and wellness conscious friends, wanting to mimic the results of Ada's signature microSculpt®  gua sha techniques for the ultimate sculpting and therapeutic experience at home.


The microSculptor™ No.1 and No.3 


VA Repair & Reglow TCM-Warming Concentrate – 30ml or

VF Detox & Balance TCM-Cooling Concentrate - 30ml

We always suggest using our Gua Sha tools with an oil serum made of non-comedogenic natural oils. Not only does the texture of the oil give the perfect slip for the massage ritual, natural oils work much better because their chemical structure is much closer to our natural sebum so as you're massaging you’ll benefit from absorbing the oil if your skin needs it, or enhancing the oil's ability to attract and melt stubborn oils from the pores.

 Limited time offer of £140 (Worth £200). 

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of 001's ultimate guide to gifting.

 With love,