3 Ways To Transform Your Skin This Spring

31 March 2022

Tip 1  Cleanse with foam

Foaming cleansers have a reputation for being too astringent, drying and oil-zapping. Our Exfoliating & Conditioning Silk-Gel Cleanser with soothing chamomile and rose will perform a dual action deep cleanse with mild exfoliation with lactic acid. Allow the product to emulsify with a bit of water in your hands first, to avoid performing this process on the face and leaving the skin feeling dry. Using this, particularly as your second cleanse in the evening, will reduce a build-up of congestion, blackheads and smooth the skin texture, all of which can play up after an increased production of sweat, perspiration and oil.

Tip 2  Hydrate using non-heavy products

Heavy formulas can leave the skin feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. Instead, layer your hydration in a powerful water-based formula such as our Imperial Life Force Qi Elixir, perfect for the time of year where life is blossoming. Containing Ginseng and Angelica Root to create life force in TCM as they stimulate bioactivities, while containing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Combined with AHA & BHA complex to boost cell turnover and ward off congestion and infused with vitamins ABCE and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, repair and brighten all day long.

Tip 3  Protect, protect, protect

Protection is important for all skins types, skin tones and all ages and this makes SPF the biggest contender for that. To enhance the protection of your SPF, applying an anti-oxidant serum underneath will offer an extra layer of production. Anti-oxidants work great at defending your skin against the damage of free-radicals which are the collagen depleting pollutants in the air. Our Active Marine Collagen Serum contains Green Tea, Raspberry, Vitamin C and Co Q10 all containing skin defending anti-oxidants. Layer this after your Imperial Life Force Qi Elixir and under your SPF for protection with visible radiance.