Guide to Winter Glowing Skin - Part III

18 DECEMBER, 2020

How to moisturise in winter

Moisturising is all the more essential in the winter months. A good moisturiser should provide your skin with the nourishment and moisture it needs, as well as locking in all the nutrients provided by the previous steps in your skincare routine.

We need to add as much hydration as we can to provide a cushion for our skin as temperatures get colder and humidity drops. It’s also essential that your cream helps to maintain your skin’s natural barrier. The hydro-lipidic barrier protects our skin from any external aggressors such as environmental pollution, UV rays, dust and dirt.

Keep an eye out for products containing antioxidants, amino acids and natural lipids. Natural Lipids have a structure very close to our skin as well as being non-comedogenic and balancing; which is why we chose to formulate our products with them.

For dry skin:

In winter months, glow and dewiness are often replaced with parched, sensitive complexions. Your moisturiser needs to be richly moisturising and hydrating, without clogging pores and encouraging breakouts.

For dry complexions, we recommend our Amino Acids & Lipids Recovery Cream. This cold season elixir utilises a potent combination of lipid proteins, amino acids and antioxidants to strengthen and tighten the skin. Containing essential fatty acids, Flaxseed, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, each of the components in this cream are virtually skin identical, making them highly identifiable by our own skin and able to work synergistically to provide cross-layer moisturisation.

For oily/acne prone skin types:

Oily and blemish prone complexions require gentle, soothing products packed with anti-oxidants and skin clearing powerhouses.

We recommend our newly launched Sebum & Redness Neutralising Water Shield. Packed with soothing Aloe Vera and Glycerin to hydrate and calm reddened skin and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial Grape Seed to increase your skin’s natural softness and moisture, this water cream is the perfect nourishment for congested complexions.

Alternatively, use our Zinc & Protein A+ Clarifying Comfort Cream. Loaded with antioxidants and skin-clearing star actives, this feathery light moisturiser effortlessly mattifies the skin without drying it out. Blending blemish clearing Sandalwood, Cranberry and ZInc Oxide to perform cross-layer moisturising, regulate sebum production and repair the skin's barrier, this is the ultimate skin comforter.

For normal skin:

For complexions that are neither dry nor oily, we’d recommend a lightweight, hydrating cream. Our AOX-B Complex Collagen Cream is a balancing and detoxifying moisturiser packed with Marine Collagens, Niacinamide, Fennel and Citrus Extracts to refine texture, boost cell renewal and drain toxins. Leaving your skin balanced, supple and radiant, this is the perfect finale to your skincare routine.

Moisturising your eyes:

All too often, our eye area is forgotten about, but in the winter months it’s even more essential to keep this delicate area sufficiently hydrated. The skin around our eyes is around ten times thinner than the rest of our face so can’t lock in water and moisture the same way. Combined with it’s constant movements can lead to dryness, dullness and the formation of wrinkles.

For the colder months, we recommend our deeply cooling, silky Lycopene Protein+ Wrinkle Release Eye Cream. Blending 10 skin-identical plant oils to intensely nourish and moisturiser. Rich in Oat Silk and Raspberry to brighten, smooth and boost radiance, it’s also loaded with antioxidant high Passionfruit and Green Tea to neutralise damaging free radicals that can contribute to premature ageing. Allantoin soothes irritation, softens skin and encourages cell regeneration whilst the ultimate hydrating molecule Hyaluronic Acid keeps skin plumped and hydrated.

We wish you a skin-glowing winter!