Our gift giving guide is tailored to help you select the perfect giftset for your loved ones. Our individually selected, bespoke facial kits are designed to achieve the look of beautiful skin no matter your skin type or concern. You can personalise each facial kit by adding the name of your loved one to the giftset to give it that extra special touch.

Ada's Red Carpet Treatment Edition -£250

(Worth £420)
Red Carpet Treatment Edition

This is the ultimate facial kit designed to create a lifted sculpt across the whole face whilst infusing particles of hydration deeply within the skin. This kit is appropriate for all skin types. It focuses on building cross-layers of hydration, luminosity and circulation to kickstart the lift and hydro-translucence from within.

Suitable for: All skin types
Concerns: Dullness, dryness, aged/fragile/stressed/dryness prone skin, lifting and sculpting of facial contours


Eyes Eyes Eyes Kit -£199

(Worth £312)
Eyes Eyes Eyes Kit

A targeted eye solutions treatment kit. It includes our AOX Hydro-correct Bright & Tight Eye Serum to encourage micro-circulation to alleviate undereye darkness, and increase cellular hydration to lift lines, crepiness, puffiness and shadows. Our microSculptor 1 and Eyecicle are the perfect duo to encourage brighter and wider eyes. The Eyecicle delivers nutrients, blood flow and oxygen to support the precious yet stubborn undereye area and the microSculptor 1 relieves stagnated fluids all around the eye area and pinpoints relief in hidden areas of tension.

Suitable for: All skin types
Concerns: Lack of hydration, darkness, puffiness, tension


The Imperial Glow Facial Set -£180

(Worth £268)
Imperial Glow Facial Set

This facial set is the perfect combination of skin strengthening formulas meets ancient holistic rituals to provide vitality, luminosity and tone re-fining qualities. With this kit, the skin is infused with essential vitamins to revive ageing skin from constant hormonal and environmental effects. The facial contours are also warmed and lifted with the combination of the VA Repair & Reglow oil and our microSculptor 3 to visibly enhance the facial structure for a tighter, sculpted appearance.

Suitable for: All skin types – particularly mature, dryness-prone, aged, fragile
Concerns: Complexion needs a kickstart, lacks radiance and refined texture, lifting and sculpting of facial contours


Holiday Glass Skin Kit -£170

(Worth £301)
Holiday Glass Skin Kit

The perfect skin glowing trio. The Alpha Glow Flash Facial Serum imparts Hyaluronic Acid and Phospholipids to hydrate the skin layers alongside Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate to promote collagen and elastin. This serum is encapsulated into the HF-Dermal Microniser to micronise the particles for even better absorption of the ingredients within the skin layers. The lasting look of a translucent glow is left on the skin and further enhanced by the dewy finish of the AOX B-Complex Collagen Cream. Perfect for those who typically have balanced skin and are looking for a radiating lift.

Suitable for: All skin types
Concerns: Lack-lustre, dehydrated, mild congestion prone, radiating glow


Holiday Hydration Supreme Kit -£150

(Worth £263)
Holiday Hydration Supreme Kit

This kit offers the best support for a dry skin, a common skin issue in the Winter months. Hydration is key to having healthy, glowy skin not only in the short term as a relief from dry skin symptoms but also in the long term. With this kit you get to use our beautifully nourishing and luxurious oil-based cleanser followed by our Alpha Glow Flash Facial Serum which is encapsulated in our HF-Dermal microniser device to build up layers of micro-droplets of moisture. This device is great to be used throughout the day or on top of makeup to give skin a boost of hydration when necessary.

Suitable for: All skin types
Concerns: Dry/dehydrated skin, dullness, lacklustre, luminosity


Holiday Renew & Radiance Kit -£140

(Worth £204)
Holiday Renew & Radiance Kit

Encompassing our top three brightening products from the range to give the skin the life and fullness that it deserves. Expect your skin to be going into the new year with a renewed luminosity like never before. The AOX eye serum encompasses the micro-circulatory benefits of raspberry extract to brighten under the eyes, whilst our Active Marine Collagen Serum boosts skins natural radiance and offers time-release hydration throughout the day. Our Resurface and Radiance peel works to both smooth and hydrate the top layer of the skin for light reflecting abilities. The perfect kit for those looking for true brightness.

Suitable for: All skin types
Concerns: Radiance, glow, uneven skin texture, tone refining, brightening


Holiday Cocoon Heroes Kit -£110

(Worth £158)
Holiday Cocoon Heroes

This kit is designed to protect and nourish the skin by enveloping it in skin barrier fortifying formulas so it can withstand harsh temperatures and weather fluctuations that as a result cause skin fluctuations. This kit cares for the facial skin by wrapping it in a protective layer of essential B-vitamins, omega & fatty acids-rich plant oils and a cocktail of antioxidants. The delicate eye area is protected in a silky, cocooning formula for intensive nourishment and moisturisation across the skin layers. Dry/sensitive/fragile skin will be perfectly cocooned with the contents of this kit.

Suitable for: All skin types – particularly dryness prone/sensitised skins
Concerns: Dry, stressed skin, weather sensitive skin, delicate skin


Holiday Recovery Heroes Kit -£80 

(Worth £119)
Holiday Recovery Heroes Kit

Our Holiday Recovery Heroes set is ideal for skins going through the winter climate or recovering from the ultimate party season.
The blend of products in this kit are the perfect combination for skins prone to fluctuating due to external elements taking a toll on the skins natural equilibrium, sebum irregularities, and those looking for hydration in the form of deeply permeable water-based formulas.

Suitable for: All skin types – particularly oily/acne-prone, sensitised, dehydrated skins
Concerns: Sensitive, oily/acne prone, boost of hydration, inflammation/redness

Happy Gifting and Happy Holidays!