1 JUN, 2021

The Micro Alpha-Glow System, containing the revolutionary HF-Dermal Microniser and the brand's best selling Alpha-Glow Flash Facial Serum 30ml. This is a break-through beauty gadget enhanced system designed to transform our skincare routines for good.
Quietly in the making for the past few years, this newest launch is set to completely revolutionise our skincare routines for good. Working by essentially supercharging everything we already know about good skincare, the HF-Dermal Microniser is designed to optimise the function of their cult Alpha Glow Flash Facial serum to provide complete and lasting hydration. Acting like a drink of water for our complexion, this multi-functional design uses atomisation technology to convert their facial serum into micrometre particles, enhancing the delivery and efficacy of  its active ingredients.

“Our skin is made up of 65% water, making hydration the foundation to maintain skin health and solve problematic skin. The HF-Dermal Microniser allows for deep infusion of hydration to get through our 20 layers of dead skin to facilitate active delivery for the repair and rejuvenation of our skin.” 


Designed to fit snugly in our handbag, this portable USB chargeable device can be used any time to provide a nourishing boost of moisture, nurture a healthy skin barrier no matter your skin type  and promote a genuine plumped and translucent glow from within.
Get yours now to take your skincare routine onto a whole new level.