How To Care For Your Delicate Skin Barrier

November 4 2021

You may have heard or read lots about the skin barrier, but do you know how important it really is to take care of it?

The top layer of our skin is known as the epidermis and it’s natural barrier is made up cholesterol, fatty acids and ceramides. These components all work strongly together to keep the water content within the skin so it is left feeling comfortable and hydrated. When the skin is functioning optimally, the dead layer of skin cells on the epidermis (known as corneocytes) are all compacted together, but with a damaged skin barrier the corneocytes aren’t as closely compacted, leaving gaps between them for water (our natural moisture) to evaporate and for irritants to get in.

If your skin feels tight throughout the day or particularly after cleansing this is a key sign that your skin barrier is in need of restoring care. If your skin also feels rough, unevenly textured or flaking whilst still having shine and oil, then you might want to add more nourishment into your routine to replenish your skin.


Using a non-dispruptive cleanser to nourish as you cleanse is a must first step in restoring your skin and maintaining skin health. If cleansing disrupts the skin, then the skincare that follows struggles to offer the most benefits to the skin.


When the skin is healthy it should be efficiently regulating its cellular turnover. This can be impaired when the barrier is damaged and not functioning properly, causing textural changes/irregularities. These changes can be noticed with uneven textural patches across the face which can typically be noticed with an oilier T-Zone and rougher and drier patches across the cheeks. It is important to not over-exfoliate the skin to even out the texture as it will make a damage barrier even worse. Our Resurface and Radiance peel harnesses the powers of fruit enzymes to encourage the ready dead skin cells to be sloughed off whilst keeping the skin's lipid barrier in tact.


This cream layers the skin in beautiful skin-identical ingredients to work across the skin layers to aid recovery and skin regeneration. It is perfect for dry skins who naturally lack lipids or for skin’s that are feeling a bit more sensitive/inflamed/dehydrated that need extra hydro-support that will work on restoring a resilient barrier. This formula also contains amino-acids from Olive & Sunflower oil and essential fatty acids from Flaxseed oil to improve signs of aging, dryness, sensitivity and chronic inflammation.


Make a conscious effort to internally support and eat your skin strength. By eating healthy fats from food sources such as nuts, avocados, oily fish, olive oil, flax seeds and taking omega3 & 6 supplements, all work to internally support and maintain a strong and resilient lipid barrier.