Function of Qi & Spring-time New Beginnings

14 MAY 2022

Qi = the free moving energy that naturally flows through our body.

The balance of our Qi is so important to how our bodies function daily and this is reflected externally through the appearance of our skin, encompassing the importance and our mantra of treating from within.

Spring is a celebration of life, change, flourishing and associated with new life and new beginnings. Our skin is in alignment with the function of this time of the year and your skincare can also be adapted to be reflective of this change. The ingredients bottled in our Imperial Life Force Qi Elixir capture the beauty of new beginnings and encouraging your own renewal to shine, through mild resurfacing actives, hydrants and Qi-stimulating actives.

The beauty of Qi has been harnessed for thousands of years in Chinese medicine as part of beauty and self-care rituals. Our Imperial Life Force Qi Elixir creates a fusion between ancient oriental medicine and modern skin technology to awaken the skin function and your own luminosity.

For the ultimate flow of Qi to occur, our Yin and Yang elements need to work in harmony. Ginseng is highly prized in Chinese Medicine for boosting our Yang Qi for circulation and Angelica Root is prized for boosting our Yin Qi and nourishing internally, together creating a Qi-rich environment. The powers of both Ginseng & Angelica Root along with added Liquorice Root Extract for enhanced radiance are utilised in this powerful bottle of serum to activate your unique Qi-flow and vitality.

The secrets of these ingredients were used by Queens and Empresses thousands of years ago in Chinese Dynasties, but their abilities still remain in the modern day. The fast pace of life today makes the impact of this serum just as vital for skin brightness as it was all those years ago.

Infused inside as well are ingredients proven to protect the skin from modern lifestyle and environmental impacts made up of essential vitamins to limit cellular stress and encourage regeneration, phospholipids and HA for skin strength and deep, long-lasting hydration, and Ginseng, Angelica root, Liquorice and Rose for true revitalization.

Perfect for those modern individuals looking to combine true self-care and skin-care into one.