MARCH 17, 2021

As  spring begins to make an appearance, we welcome the burst and growth of our surrounding wildlife. Not only are plants and flowers beautiful to look at, they also hold various properties which can benefit us in multiple ways.

Essential oils are crafted from plants and work in two ways. Firstly, when we inhale an essential oil, it travels through the nose and straight to the olfactory nervous system. This connects to the limbic system where memories and emotions are stored, creating an emotional response. These oils are also lipids that bind well with the epidermis – the outer layer of our skin – where they can be easily absorbed.

We are all familiar with the well-being properties associated with lavender, chamomile and mint. Allow me to introduce you to some essential oils you may not have considered previously in your skincare routine.


Zinc & Protein A Clarifiying Comfort Cream

Perfect for beating acne-prone and oily skin, lemon myrtle is also an effective stress reliever, mood uplifter and can also help to minimise headaches. Our ZINC & PROTEIN A+ CLARIFYING COMFORT CREAM contains lemon, alongside palmarosa and basil (this combination resembles lemon myrtle scent journey), to help clarify the skin. suitable for daily use, we recommend this feathery light, mattifying moisturiser for acne-prone, oily, sensitive and inflamed skin.


Alpha-Paradise Cleansing Dew

Neroli is good for aiding the recovery of breakouts, eczema, spot marks, stretch marks and preventing more wrinkles from appearing. It’s also a strong antioxidant and holds a range of wellbeing benefits including reducing stress, improving the endocrine system (hormones and nerves), it can relieve menopausal symptoms and reduce blood pressure in post-menopausal women.

Our ALPHA-PARADISE CLEANSING DEW features Neroli to effectively unclog pores whilst creating a beautiful aroma. This heady cleansing oil tantalises your senses and performs tip-top deep cleansing without disrupting your healthy, natural water-oil balance.


AOX B-Complex Collagen Cream

Grapefruit can be an immune system booster. Packed with antioxidants which help to combat free radicals that damage the skin, the wellbeing benefits range from clarifying the mind to releasing stress. Research shows it can also help to activate sympathetic nerve activity.

Grapefruit peel is featured alongside tangerine, lime and geranium in our AOX B-COMPLEX COLLAGEN CREAM to envelop you in a balanced, slightly sweet and blissful aroma. This balancing and detoxifying moisturiser with a soft and dewy finish leaves the skin feeling supple, lifted and radiant.

At 001 Skincare, we see the power in natural ingredients. Skincare is self-care and is vital to our mental and physical wellbeing. Improve your skin, aid relaxation and uplift your mood all through the power of essential oils.