MAY 21, 2021

Spring Clean & Transitional Skincare
As we delve deeper into spring it's important to change up our skincare routine as the weather changes. The humidity in the British air from winter to spring drops by 20%, meaning you need a good amount of hydration to ensure your skin doesn't get dry. Transitional skin care is important to help layer products to help calm acne/redness from the change of season.

Read below for some of our top tips for your spring skincare fix:

1. Use our Alpha Glow Flash Facial Serum to create a light moisturiser with your existing products.

Flash Facial & Amino-Acids Recovery Cream

A way to not waste your winter creams and serums is to combine them with our Alpha Flash Facial Serum. As we venture into spring and summer we tend to have more oiler skin due to more sun exposure, a thicker winter cream will become suffocating. Therefore mix your AMINO-ACIDS & LIPIDS RECOVERY CREAM which contains a lot of fatty acids with your ALPHA GLOW FLASH FACIAL SERUM to create a light serum emulsion. When the temperature and humidity rises in the summer, your skin produces more oil which can clog pores and lead to breakouts. You need a lightweight moisturizer such as water-based gel or oil-free lotion that will hydrate without feeling heavy on your skin. Therefore you still have all the benefits of the moisturisers, but a lighter and thinner mixture which won't be too heavy on your skin in spring. Beneficial for wrinkles, sensitive skin, pigmentation and dryness.

2. Apply an oil and water balanced serum.

Flash Facial & Intensive Elixir Serum

A thick and intense oil serum will again be too heavy on the skin making it uncomfortable in the sun and promoting your skin to look too oily. Add 2 drops of our ALPHA GLOW FLASH FACIAL SERUM to your INTENSIVE ELIXIR TREATMENT SERUM. This will create a water and oil mix which is great as the skin is made out of 65% water and the rest is oil. Especially as the Intensive Elixir has great star actives and is sumptuous, lightweight oil-serum crafted with 3 precious essential oils, 4 refined bio-dynamic oils and 4 pure plant extracts, for a powerful boost of youth, soft and supple skin and a healthy glow. Oils attract water and absorb gently into the skin to lock in moisture and minimize excess oil production, while creating the protective barrier that results in radiant, nourished skin. Layering clean skincare products delivers benefits to the skin that just water or oil alone can't provide.

3. Don't forget your sun protection!

Active Marine Collagen Serum
It's important to layer up your products especially to help defend against sun damage. We suggest using our ACTIVE MARINE COLLAGEN SERUM. Made up of a multitude of antioxidants to protect from environmental damage and collagen breakdown. Containing Citrus actives, Green tea & Vitamin C to perform a skin brightening, protective and energising action. Recommended for morning and evening use to hydrate and give an immediate collagen plumping effect. Adding antioxidants in your layering technique will brighten, protect against sun damage and promote collagen production. Don't forget the last step of adding a SPF to complete the look.