Transitional skincare and what changes may be happening

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

Transitioning to Autumnal Skincare

As we transition into another season this year, we start to notice the air becoming colder, our skin maybe feels like it needs a hit of moisture and what is left of our summer glow is making our complexions appear duller.

At this time of the year, the air tends to become dryer due to the reduction in humidity and consequently moisture in the air, which naturally has you re-considering what is best to use on your skin. Naturally the change in weather impacts the environment our skin is regularly subjected to both inside and outside the home. At home the heating may start to be coming back on and this dries out the air quality indoors. It can leave your skin feeling rather moisture zapped and sensitive. To combat this, apply a generous layer of our Zinc Oxide & Protein A+ Clarifying Comfort Cream to soothe and protect stressed, sensitive, inflamed skin. This cream envelopes the skin in a deeply hydrating layer while helping to calm and battle sensitivity.

To make hydration last in the skin throughout the day, its important to build up a variety of layers of hydrating ingredients all at different molecular weights to truly allow hydration to be contained within the skin on a deeper level rather than a superficial one. Underneath your moisturising cream, applying a water-based serum, followed by an oil-based serum is great way to do this. To form a rich barrier over the skin that won’t clog the pores, apply a few drops of our VA Repair and Reglow or our VF Detox and Balance oil concentrates and to enforce the skin barrier and form a protective film, finish off with our Zinc Oxide & Protein A+ or our AOX B-complex Collagen cream, both perfect additions to a routine for this time of the year.

Now is a great time of the year to add regular exfoliation into your regime. You may not think it but encouraging newer cells to the surface works to strengthen your skin barrier. It is incredibly important, however, that this step is not over-done otherwise it leaves the skin feeling overly dry and angry. Getting the skin into a regular pattern of cell turnover, helps with any damage that appeared during summer including pigmentation, post-acne scarring and un-even skin tone.

Our peeling exfoliators are recommended to be used 1-2 times a week. They are all formulated with natural acids and enzymes at a concentration to be effective at loosening the top layer of dead skin cells and accumulated sebum whilst not disturbing the skin’s natural barrier.

Our Resurface and Radiance peel is perfect to hydrate the skin whilst simultaneously renewing it. Our Pure Active peel is ideal for those wanting to smooth the skins surface whilst deeply cleansing. Another way to add reintroduce moisture to leave the skin barrier feeling much happier, is to use a humidifier, especially overnight. This puts moisture back into the air to relieve the feeling of dry/tight skin. Using a humidifier at night is a great option to restore an impaired barrier as we lose our highest amount of water content in our cells through the night. This will leave you waking up with a much glowier, plumper complexion.

It is a natural reaction for the skin to feel triggered by a change in seasons but with the right care and focus on calming the skin to get it back into a state of healthy equilibrium, the skin balance will be restored, and the happy, healthy, and radiant look of your bare-faced skin shall return.