Winter Wellness Massage

Touch therapy for skin, body & soul

19 OCTOBER, 2020

With winter approaching and ever changing lockdown restrictions looking as though dinner parties and nights out will be few and far between, it feels like a good chance to truly look after our mental wellbeing. Currently the wellness movement is thriving, the term ‘self-care’ has filtered into our everyday vocabulary and societally we are beginning to pay attention to the things that truly matter. A greater emphasis is being placed on the adoption of techniques that nourish our internal wellbeing and any tools or products that promote this are warmly welcomed. With more and more of us recognising the value of taking as little as ten minutes out of our day to focus solely on ourselves, the gap between beauty and wellness is narrowing.

Therapeutic massage to heal our body, mind and soul has been around for hundreds of years. Gua Sha is a practice traditionally used in East Asian and Chinese culture; increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation it relieves tension, brightens your complexion and improves tone and texture. Whilst facial massage indeed boasts a plethora of skin boosting benefits, it’s also a way of introducing much needed meditative practices into your daily routine. It’s also something you can easily perform yourself with your hands or targeted tools, incorporating parts into your daily routine or properly setting aside some pampering time at a weekend.

001 Skincare’s facial massage tools truly epitomise the term ‘beauty from within’ and adopt a 360 approach to wellness.

The microSculptor™ No.1 and No.3 are tools designed to perform therapeutic techniques to stimulate bio-responsive movements and improve our internal and external skin health. Hand crafted out of the precious Chinese stone Bian, the microSculptor™  adopts the principles used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine to address modern day skin concerns. Carved specially to fit our facial contours, it aids a scraping motion to therapeutically massage our face, neck, jawline and décolleté. Simultaneously stimulating and relaxing, the microSculptor™  the performance and result of a facial without having to leave your home.

The CRYOpress® has all the pampering and luxury of a massage, with the benefits of being in the comfort of your own room.With its sustained temperature of -8 to 2.5 Celsius, the CRYOpress® works to rejuvenate your skin. Using ice therapy to increase blood flow by pumping oxygen and nutrients to the skin, the result is younger, healthier looking skin.  Continual usage is comparable to the most relaxing gym possible. When CRYOpress® comes into contact with your face, the coldness will increase microcirculation and encourage cell growth and collagen production while flushing out toxins.

Finally, introduce the Eyecicle® into your daily eye routine for younger, fresher, lifted skin. Designed to be chilled, this cooling massage tool is delicately crafted with artisan glass techniques for a smooth, seamless result. Different parts of the Eyecicle®  can be massaged around the eye to enhance circulation, encourage drainage and boost oxygen and in turn combat eye bags, puffiness and wrinkles.

Busy, modern working life can sometimes see us neglecting our self-care and placing our sense of wellbeing and calm to the bottom of the pile but incorporating holistic massage into our skincare routines can be one of the most simple yet effective ways of stimulating calm and relaxation. Let your wellness take centre stage this winter.