001 Skincare London Winner at the Journal Business Awards

28 October 2021

001 Skincare London were nominated and the winner in the category Culture Fusion.

This year the Journal Business awards were made up of some of the best independent brands from across the country. The awards were created to display the best talent from small and unique brands and business owners.

Culture Fusion Category  

Whether it’s music or food, fusing cultural influences seems to be a winning strategy for impactful innovation. This award celebrates the best businesses blending multiple identities, cultures and practices.

Why we were chosen

Skincare specialist to the stars, Ada Ooi has been glamourising the London scene for many years. Patented procedures that blend the Chinese art of GuaSha with Western principles.

We are thrilled to have been not only nominated but named the winner in this category. It means to so much to us that our blended high performance driven protocols of Western technology meets TCM wellbeing principles have been recognised. Congratulations to all the other nominees in our category and the rest of our fellow winners.

Learn more about the awards - https://journalmagazine.co.uk/your-journal-award-winners/