5 impactful beauty brands owned by Asian women you should know


From empowering women to supporting marginalised communities, these beauty brands owned by Asian women are going beyond the beauty business to make an impact in the larger community

From supporting marginalised communities to ensuring the creation of environmentally conscious products, these five beauty brands, founded by Asian female entrepreneurs, have not only made waves in the world of make-up and skincare, but have also created positive impact through their work.

1. Ada Ooi, 001 Skincare London

ABOVE Ada Ooi (Photo: Courtesy of 001 Skincare London)
ABOVE (Photo: Courtesy of 001 Skincare London)

Hong Kong-born, UK-based Ada Ooi founded 001 Skincare London, which focuses on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and operates a clinic in the British capital, in 2014.

“Chinese medicine is rooted in me; I helped out at my grandfather’s pharmacy in Macau, where I learnt that we need to look at our body as a whole,” says Ooi. “Our skin is the biggest organ and is a visible reflection of our internal wellbeing and state of mind. If we pay more attention to our body, we can join the dots to our skincare concerns and make changes to improve our skin condition from the core.”

001 Skincare London’s products include gua sha tools and cooling bulbs, as well as exfoliating masks and serums that incorporate vitamins and popular TCM ingredients such as chamomile, ginseng and licorice root to build a healthy skin barrier.

The clinic’s treatments combine acupuncture and reflexology with LED lights and microcurrents. Fans of 001 Skincare London’s products and clinic include actress Rooney Mara and supermodel Kate Moss.

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Article written by Amalissa Hall - TATLER