7 best pregnancy skincare heroes

28 February, 2019


Glowing, gorgeous skin calls for extra care, especially when you’re pregnant. The myth of "the pregnancy glow", supposedly caused by an influx of feel-good hormones combined with that infamous rise in body temperature, is just that: a myth for many of us.

Instead, you may be experiencing extra-sensitive skin that flares up at the slightest provocation, breakouts, a change in texture (some mums-to-be find their skin is super oily during pregnancy, while others have problems with dryness and flakiness), increased redness and even noticeable broken veins or dark circles under the eyes. Again, blame your hormones.

Whether you’re rocking perfect pregnancy skin – or you need a little extra help, look for gentle, hardworking skincare that will soothe, nourish and protect.

A daily SPF is key too – even in the winter, as pregnancy hormones can trigger pigmentation, as well as making your skin more sensitive to the sun than it is usually. So be vigilant about this, even if you don’t normally wear any. With all due respect to Jane Austen, it really is a truth universally acknowledged in the beauty industry that wearing a high factor, broad spectrum SPF daily, all year round, is the most important step in your skincare routine.

Here’s our round up of the best hero skincare for pregnancy – and postpartum – skin.

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001 Skincare London Active Marine Collagen Serum

This extremely concentrated serum is omega-rich and contains multi algae actives to plump up your skin. We've tried a lot of serums in our time and this is absolutely our favourite. The anti-oxidant complex assists in repairing environmental damage, while at the same time brightening your skin. Expect a renewed, glowy and visibly brighter complexion within a couple of weeks of use.

Founder Ada Ooi is an internationally renowned facialist (book in with her if you can – this would also be a wonderful postpartum treat to look forward to), who incorporates Asian and Western techniques to boost skin health.

Apply the Active Marine Collagen Serum after cleansing (and toning) and before any moisturisers or oils to reduce dullness and even out your skin tone.

The verdict: Pregnancy skincare heroes

La Roche-Posay toleraine sensitive is our fave when it comes to choosing a soothing, nourishing and affordable moisturiser for pregnant complexions. For a treatment that will give you a glow, long past your pregnancy, 001 Skincare London's active marine concentrate repairs damage and renews the skin.

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