Best facial rollers for sculpting and smoothing: Hello, cheekbones

12 OCTOBER 2022

From de-puffing to contouring, our pick of the best facial rollers promise to boost your beauty routine

Despite being a centuries-old tradition, the art of facial rolling is as popular as it’s ever been and today’s massagers – or rollers – come in an array of shapes and sizes. From the ubiquitous jade roller and other crystal options such as rose quartz to high-tech gadgets that use low-level electrical impulses to stimulate the facial muscles, the options are plentiful. 

But what exactly are the benefits of these facial-sculpting devices and how do they work? 

“Facial rolling works along the lymphatic drainage system to stimulate blood circulation, enhance our skin’s oxygen levels and regulate our internal balance, moving along toxins and stagnated elements to be processed as waste in our bodies,” explains Ada Ooi, facialist and founder of 001 Skincare London. “In short, this reduces puffiness in the face, and the increased blood flow and oxygen will boost the skin’s texture and your overall glow. 

“Not only that,” Ada adds, “but it will allow for better absorption of your skincare products. It also feels very refreshing and, when used with a bit of pressure, will help to relax overworked facial muscles.” 

Deciding which one to invest in can be tricky, so we’re here to help. Below you’ll find a list of the best facial rollers currently on the market, plus a guide on how to pick the perfect roller for your budget and needs.

How to choose the best facial roller for you

Which stones are best for facial rolling? 

Different types of gemstone or crystal rollers have different properties, so it really depends on what you want from your massager, although consistent use of any will work to tone and firm the skin. 

“Jade has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to heal, calm and balance,” explains Ada, “making it great for irritated or breakout-prone skin.” It’s also more adaptable in nature and warms on contact with the skin.

Rose quartz, on the other hand, stays cold on the skin, regardless of how long you use it. It’s also tougher (although more brittle) than jade and tends to last longer – which is the reason you might find rose quartz rollers to be more expensive. Its cooling properties make it great for puffy, inflamed and sensitive skin types.

How should I use a facial roller? 

“Give yourself a mini massage at home by using your roller with your favourite serum or oil, rolling the massager upward and outward to ‘work’ the skin,” says Ada.

You can use your roller as frequently as you’d like, but Ada suggests that the more consistent you are with it, the more noticeable your results will be. “Massaging for five to 15 minutes as part of your morning or evening skincare routine a few times a week is a good place to start,” she says. “Then you can build up to twice a day.” 

And remember – never use your facial roller without lubrication. It can tug and pull on the skin, making fine lines worse over time. 

How much should I spend? 

We’ve aimed to test the best facial rollers across a variety of price points – from do-it-all devices that alleviate a whole host of skin concerns, to more basic rollers that come in under £10. How much you choose to spend really depends on what you want from your roller. If you’re looking to boost blood flow and release lymphatic build-up with regular use, a jade, amethyst or rose-quartz roller might be enough to do the job. If you’re looking for more boundary-pushing options promising reduced wrinkles and maybe even a tighter jawline, then the more high-tech options out there will set you back anywhere between £100 and £300. 

7. 001 Skincare London CryoPress: Best for cooling    

Price: £78 | Buy now from Wolf & Badger



This game-changing tool, often used in 001 Skincare London founder Ada Ooi’s A-list facials, utilises the power of cryotherapy – also known as cold therapy – to dramatically improve blood flow and eliminate toxins in a fuss-free but effective way.

It works by delivering a cold (-8°C, to be exact) shock to the skin’s surface, which sends a regenerative and brilliantly exhilarating flow of fresh, oxygenated blood to awaken targeted areas of the face. Keep it in the freezer (or freeze for at least 30 minutes before use). As well as being ultra-refreshing, it helps target signs of ageing and sagging over time. 

Article written by Danielle Wilkins - EXPERT REVIEWS

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