Best immunity-boosting products to bolster your body’s defences during lockdown

APRIL 1, 2020

Wellness focused article documenting best products to utilise during lockdown; 001’s Microsculptor is highlighted.

“Another health-boosting tool inspired by Asia, this gua sha sculptor (which is based on traditional Chinese techniques) is designed for intensive facial massage. Why is that relevant to your immune system? Lymphatic drainage, that’s why. Our lymphs have the ability to hold and expel all toxins, many of which can hold in water-retention and even crystallise.

These tools have the ability to follow the contours of the face, pushing out that water-toxin combo from your face and releasing it into the lymph. Be sure to check out practitioner Ada Ooi on Instagram (@ada.ooi), who is the acupuncturist to the stars, for a full demo on how to best use these.

Come for the sculptor’s eliminating abilities, stay for the aesthetic results; we think you’ll see an immediate lift, slimmer face and better microcirculation after the first use."

Excerpt from The Independent

Story by Gregory Allen
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