Celebrity skin gurus share their best skincare tips and products

APRIL 17, 2020



Instead of a cooped-up quarantine, think of this as a self-care staycation. What better time to commit to a skincare overhaul?

We asked Lady Gaga’s skin expert Ada Ooi, along with celebrity aestheticians Vicki Morav (who works her magic on Kyra Sedgwick) and Mimi Luzon (skin savior to Gigi and Bella Hadid), to weigh in with their best skincare advice, routines and brands.

If you follow their expert tips, you may actually emerge from this anxiety-ridden time looking refreshed. (Or at least distract yourself in the meantime.)

Oil check
London-based Ooi — whose Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques are beloved by Mother Monster, Kate Middleton, Ellie Goulding and Rooney Mara (to name a few of her famous clients) — recommends massaging your face with oil while you’re #stayinghome.

It may seem counterintuitive, but she says the strategy will balance stressed skin and prevent pesky pimples and blackheads.

“A lot of my customers with acne don’t realize that the excessive sebum or blocked pores are actually created by their skin layers being too dry and sending a wrong signal to the brain that the skin needs more oil,” she explains. “Oil attracts oil, oil melts oil, and a good face oil with small oil molecules doesn’t clog pores.”

Quench your skin
Ooi also suggests moisturizing your skin with a pro-level serum. A pea-size drop of Alpha Glow Flash Facial — a three-in-one serum, primer and mask from her cult-favorite 001 Skincare line — works like a spa visit in a bottle.

Its nine powerhouse ingredients, including hyaluronic acids, phospholipids, aloe vera and rose extracts, perk up dull and dry skin and aid in optimal water retention.

“It also contains a low dose of salicylic acid and retinyl palmitate for breaking down stubborn sebum and providing gentle exfoliation,” Ooi tells The Post.

Article by Nicole Zane - NEW YORK POST

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