Here’s how the beauty pros created BAFTA winner Kerry Condon’s red carpet look

23 FEBRUARY 2023

The skin

Ada Ooi, one of the most sought after Red Carpet Facialists and Chinese Medicine Practitioners, looked after Kerry’s skin in the lead up to the big event. She shared her awards treatment plan with Irish Country Magazine:

Step 1 – Cleansing ritual

Alpha Paradise Cleansing Dew

“To open the skin and the mind, I cleansed with Alpha Paradise Cleansing Dew. Its tantalising scent is adorned with jasmine and neroli to open the senses whilst plant oils of Ylang Ylang, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel and Sweet Almond unclog pores and lift away makeup, even waterproof mascara, whilst nourishing the lashes.”

Pure Active AHA & Enzyme Peel

“Following cleansing with Pure Active Peel, a gentle physical exfoliant and delicious scrub containing muscovado sugar encapsulated with fruit enzymes, anti inflammatory oils and marine algae to lift off dead skin in the most natural way that doesn’t irritate the skin. Followed by an extraction with the DERMAFLASH DERMAPORE device.”

Rose Damascena Essence Mist 

“One spritz used at every interval to pacify mood, keep the skin hydrated and soothed. It contains hundreds of baby roses picked before sunset, making it very delicate and calming for post-flight skin.”

Step 2 – Chinese Medicine modalities

Bespoke microSculpt® Signature Facial

“I used my signature microSculpt® method to gua sha, liftz and define contours, as well as a deep tui-na acupressure method to relax tensed muscles in the jaw, head, neck and shoulders. It’s very important to destress these areas away from the face to open and elongate, creating a slender neckline as they are all connected with one large area of skin.”

Bespoke Pinpoint Wellness™ Treatment

“An abdomen massage combining acupressure and lymphatic drainage is essential to boost circulation and facilitate drainage of any fluid and toxin stagnation. This was followed by acupuncture across yin channels along the legs to further facilitate waste management for detox, which is essential for glowing skin and for Kerry to feel light after a long flight, also to release tension accumulated and re-nurture internal organ systems.  These channels strengthen digestion for blood and nutrient transportation, good digestion provides fuel for the body and mind, which is very important during busy periods – especially the hectic awards show season – to ensure immunity will not be compromised. “

Step 3 – Hydrating layers

“At the end of the treatment I drenched her skin with a juicy sandwich of water and oil layers. Layering is very important for creating an authentic glow from within because we have 20 layers of dead skin and we want them all to be nurtured with our epidermis so that when the light hits the skin, they all reflect and show a translucent luminosity. The skin will also be supported with a bouncy water-oil mattress, so that it looks plumped with volume.

  • First, I went in with a water based serum, the Alpha Glow Flash Facial, to create water pathways with lots of essential actives to keep skin supple
  • The skin was sealed under a light but very nourishing AOX B-Complex Collagen cream.

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Article written by Niamh Devereux - IRISH COUNTRY TIMES