Holiday Gift Guide 2022: The Best Sustainable Travel Beauty Kits

14 DECEMBER 2022

Zero waste self-care products.

As of now, just about every industry could stand to change and become more sustainable. But with its pumps, twist tops, and sprays, the beauty industry is a top offender. At this time, more than ever, brands are turning to reusable containers, compostable packaging, and responsibly sourced ingredients at a bare minimum. And looking ahead, it’s not just packaging and canisters that need to be reexamined but the current product offering as a whole, focusing on products like shampoo bars and compostable sheet masks instead of anything single use.

001 Skincare


Protect your complexion from harsh wind and weather that may deplete your natural glow and replenish your skin with this ultra-hydration kit from 001 Skincare. Start with the alpha-paradise cleansing dew to awaken the senses, then apply 2-4 drops of the imperial serum to activate and refresh your skin tone. Next, protect your eyes with the brand’s AOX hydro-correct eye serum for the ultimate hydration. And follow it all with the intensive elixir oil serum to nurture, balance and lock in the benefits of all serums that came before.

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Article written by Bridget Arsenault - FORBES