The best facials in London, hand-picked by Bazaar's beauty team

July 21 2021

From skin-lifting technology to cheekbone-chiselling massage, these are the bookings to make now

Whether you want instant radiance for a special event or a complete skin overhaul, here are the best facial treatments that employ both pioneering technology and a heavenly healing touch.

Ada Ooi, for proper gua-sha and acupuncture

Expertly fusing eastern and western techniques, Ada Ooi combines aesthetic therapy and acupuncture into her bespoke facial treatments that are the ultimate in holistic healing. A ‘facialist-acupuncturist’ to many in the public eye, including royals, she tailors her treatments according to skin ageing, plus hormonal, stress and sleep issues.

It will start with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Symptom Diagnosis, where your tongue, pulse, temperature and limbs are examined while your lifestyle and emotional factors are explored. Next, you might expect facial acupuncture, followed by lymphatic drainage and modern gua sha massage, manipulation of the facial fascia and sacral cranial fluid release.

The therapies (even the needles) feel impossibly relaxing, while the immediate improvements in your skin are there to see: sagging is lifted, contours are redefined and your brightened complexion glows from within.

Ada Ooi at Harley Street, visit

Excerpt from HARPER’S BAZAAR

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