These Are The 6 Best Beauty Treatments to Try in London Right Now

13 May 2022

Whether you are looking for a hair colour refresh or seeking a summer glow, these are among the best beauty, body and hair treatments in London worth investing in now. From a face transforming eyebrow lamination service at Brow Bar London to a skin plumping facial at Mariam Abbas’ clinic, here are six of the best beauty treatments to try in London right now.

001 Skincare Meri-Lymph Active Circuit Massage

This 60-minute treatment aims to boost your energy levels and re-energise your whole system with a complete full body massage, to relieve any sluggishness and congestion to develop lasting holistic improvements. 
With wedding season approaching, get your body looking and feeling its best internally and externally with 001 Skincare’s powerful Meri-Lymph Active Circuit Massage. Situated on the prestigious Harley Street, this head-to-toe reviving experience incorporates a pressure massage, combining skilled Chinese meridian and lymphatic network moves to promote toxins and stimulate drainage – like a detox from the inside out, without even having to do a thing but let a skilled therapist work on rebooting the body’s circuit. Never have we experienced results like this before from a lymphatic-themed massage treatment, the before and after results from one leg to the other shows definition, luminosity, and tone – that stubborn fat build-up around the knee area is banished.

Meri-Lymph Active Circuit Massage, from £185 for 60 minutes

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Article written by Kirsty Welsh - ARCADIA

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