These are the very best professional facials we’ve ever tried


Looking for a facial recommendation you can trust? Here, the Stylist beauty team shares their favourite professional facials of all time…

Whether you have a big event coming up or you’re looking to give your skin a re-boot, nothing quite gives you that lit-from-within glow like a professional facial. 

From light therapy and laser to facial massage and mesotherapy – the options available are extensive but if you’re not totally sure what you’re after, it can be confusing deciding which is the right one for you. That’s where we can help. Here, the Stylist beauty team share their favourite facials of all time, for glow, blemishes and more…


As recommended by Chloe Burcham, beauty contributor

 “As much as luxurious, relaxing treatments are dreamy, when I’m having a facial I like to feel that it’s doing something I can’t easily recreate at home. Which is why I love Ada Ooi’s acupuncture facial. Ada is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and her treatment starts as soon as you step foot in her office. She looks at you as a whole – rather than just your face – and offers holistic recommendations about your lifestyle and diet – as well as your skincare choices. 

The facial itself incorporates intense facial massage (it’s not comfortable, but you’ll see an instant difference) plus acupuncture and extractions. Skin is left glowing, red-carpet ready and the glow only gets better in those days to come.” — 

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Excerpt written by Chloe Burcham - STYLIST

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