microSculptor™ No.1 THE PICK


“A precise tool tool to work on smaller areas like the eyes and lips for stubborn concerns. Each piece is hand crafted with a gradual contour and rim sharpen to different degrees for effective, efficient and deep massagee across tissue, muscle and meridian channels." 

Inspired by TCM, the microSculptor is a scraping facial massage tool designed to perform modern therapeutic techniques to induce bio-responsive movements, resulting in improved internal & external well-being - as reflected through the skin:
-Gua Sha & Meridian Stimulation
-Lymphatic Drainage
-Connective Tissue Manipulation
-Boost Micro-Circulation
-Oxygenate Epidermis
-Release Tension & Fluid Retention
-Lift & Sculpt
-Release Water Retention & Depuff
-Even Skin tone, texture & Radiance


  • Designed for deep, precise stimulation eg eyes, lips & the outer ears
  • To perform Face Reflexology, activate pressure points
  • To perform “Bo-Jin” Chinese stimulation technique known as “Tendon Picking” creates  a cross-fibre massage, breaking down the knots formed by habitual muscle tension

Suitable for: All skin types

Star Actives & functions:
Bian Stone is a precious Chinese-origin stone (biān shí) & one of the six major medical technique
of Chinese medicine. Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, this effective treatment will help smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone & texture, firm face contour, detoxify, brighten, reduce dark circles & eliminate puffiness around the eye area.


Temperature Conditioning™: Chill in the fridge or soak in hot / warm water for 15-30 minutes before use for enhanced efficacy (the actives in your skincare will penetrate even more deeply) and an exhilarating experience. Apply 3-5 drops of New Vit-F Sebum Detox Concentrate or Vit-A Repair & Regrow Concentrate or use your favourite 001 Serum / Concentrate over your face and neck. Following the 001 facial guide, use various parts of the microSculptor, massaging the skin in small even strokes with a firm pressure, repeating each stroke 5-10 times.

See it in Action https://youtu.be/MGMxkY0f88k


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