GIFT CARD: Bespoke Meridian V-Sculpt Facial (60 mins with Ada)


001 Facial Treatments are designed by Royalty & Celebrity Facialist, Aromatherapist and certified Accupuncturist, featured Beauty Expert & Writer Ada Ooi.

Bespoke Meridian V-Sculpt Facial

The ultimate treatment to achieve “V-Face”: a modern Korean & Japanese concept of utmost contour lifting and contouring. Working with the Meridian system, a channel network that connects the whole body through a path where our life energy “Qi” flows, the treatment starts with arranging the total anatomical balance by stimulating reflexive points across the head, face, ears, neck, shoulders, décolletage, the clavicle and relevant lower body parts, leading to a core stimulation to unblock and reconnect, in return improving the flow of blood, lymph fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, soften tensions from the muscles and skulls across the face and neck for manual manipulation to tighten, firm and define facial features.

The treatment finishes with a bespoke mask blended with custom herbs and/or healing essential oils according to your skin condition on the day, this holistically aligned and stimulating facial will also contribute to a translucent glow that lasts.

Combined techniques tailored upon consultation: Accupressure, Swedish Classical Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Gua Sha, Accupuncture, Cupping.

About Ada

Ada grew up in Hong Kong and spent a lot of time watching her pharmacist grandfather prescribed western medicines combining remedies taken from Chinese medical principles, formulated and blended at his pharmacy for people in need.

Fast forward over a couple of decades she combines over 15 years of skincare and cosmetic science experience gained across continents, master the most effective techniques from the Eastern and Western cosmetology and medical industry for treating targeted facial and well-being concerns.

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