“This potent multi-tasking balm intensely replenishes lipid levels thereby mimicking how younger skin behaves in retaining water molecules within the skin. Designed for use to treat and repair overnight so you can awake to clearer, firmer and glowing skin.”
Ada Ooi, 001 London Founder & International Facialist

Want to boost your beauty sleep? Look no further than this revitalising balm that combines Squalane with Marine Algae and 001 Skincare’s own GLA-X5 Complex, instantly wrapping your skin in the ultimate hydration blanket, while recharging cellular turnover and brightening the complexion.

For performance skincare that really works, this multi-tasking balm replenishes the skin’s natural moisture levels and restores its lipid barrier overnight. With a rich yet lightweight and non-greasy formula that gently melts into a soft balm, its clever complex works to help boost collagen production, improve skin elasticity and refine the skin – all while providing deep hydration and nourishing skin from the inside-out, it’s like waking up to new skin.

The Star Actives
• GLA-X5 Complex™ – 001 Skincare’s bespoke formula contains high levels of skin-identifiable Omega-6 essential fatty acids including; Rosehip Seed, Argan Kernel, Borage Seed & Shea (high in Gamma Linoleic Acids). Cleverly crafted to boost skin cells to build an effective moisture barrier for deep hydration, repair and regeneration

• Squalane – highly refined Squalane extracted from olive is as close as you can get to the molecular structure of human squalene. Known as “natures botox”, squalane absorbs easily into the skin, increasing its water content and improving its elasticity and texture

· Marine Algae Stem Cells – Provides high levels of Vitamins A, C and E along with essential amino acids and other natural minerals to minimise the visible signs of ageing whilst maximising skin’s natural ability to repair itself

• Retinyl-A – Contains all the anti-ageing properties as Retinol but in a milder form. High in fatty acids, it is easily absorbed by the skin making it a great carrier of Vitamin A for nourishment and treatment. It strengthens skin by boosting collagen fibre; firming and smoothing, reducing flaking and restoring suppleness

Why do we need it?

Skin breathes during the night – it’s the only time it has to take in all the nutrients and repair itself from free radical damage. While skin is resting and regenerating, the natural GLA-X5 Complex, Marine Algae Stem Cells and Squalane allows skin to reboot and revitalise overnight.

How to Use?

As a night cream: apply balm to clean facial at night as needed to combat moisture depletion and deeply hydrate. Gently tap or massage into the skin to enhance product absorption, stimulate blood circulation and relax your facial muscles.

  • As an overnight mask: At the end of your skincare ritual, apply a thin layer across the face and décolletage, gently press into the skin with warmed palms. Leave overnight, rinse off in the morning.

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