STEP 1/ Cleanse: Alpha Paradise Cleansing Dew

Gently massage 3-5 drops on face and neck as part of a night-time ritual. Enjoy a relaxing mini facial that stimulates blood circulation and nourishes. Take a few deep breaths and indulge in the aromatherapy oils. Wipe clean with a muslin cloth or towel and rinse with a splash of cold water for a fresh, healthy glowing complexion.

STEP 2/ Serum: Imperial Life-Force Qi Elixir

Serum: Twice a day, after cleansing & toning, apply & massage 3-5 drops into skin. Follow with moisturiser or treatment for targeted concerns.
Primer: Massage 3-5 drops before make-up.
Leave-on-Mask: On top of night moisturiser, press a generous layer over face to bind moisture overnight.

STEP 3/ Eye Serum: Poly-Peptides Focus Contour HA Eye Serum

Apply one pea-sized drop around the eyes, massage with circular motions around the eye socket, press and pat at pressure points and temple to enhance drainage of toxins and stimulate blood circulation.


STEP 4/ Cream: Amino-Acids & Lipids Recovery Cream

Massage an almond size into skin using fingertips in gentle tapping motions. Use morning and night, after cleansing, toning and serum.