Place CRYOpress® in the freezer at all times (freeze for at least 30 mins before first use). Wipe clean/rinse with water before and/or after usage.

The CRYOpress® Ritual: Massage for 5-15 to achieve its brightening and lifting effect. Use the roller back and forth, up and down and out to the side, working around your facial contours for an uplifting massage. More pressure with upwards motion will lift the muscles. Rolling down helps send the toxins built up in the face towards the centre of the body, where they can be detoxified. Used in combination with 001 skincare, CRYOpress® works the ingredients more deeply into the skin, for increased benefits.

NOTE: Your skin may look slightly red right after use, due to the increased
blood flow induced by low temperature and motion stimulation. The redness should fade within a few minutes. If symptoms persist, contact your health consultant.