Start cleansing with Alpha-Paradise Cleansing Dew to create a grand opening and awaken the senses.

Apply 2-4 drops of the Imperial Serum to activate and refresh the complexion, injecting vitality, defence and brightness.

Protect the eyes with our AOX Hydro-Correct Eye Serum to deeply hydrate.
Follow with Intensive Elixir oil serum to nurture, balance and lock in active benefits of all serums.

Finish with a layer of Sebum and Redness Neutralising Water Shield to lightly moisturise and keep skin cool.

You may apply your choice of 001 moisturiser to finish.

Alpha Paradise Cleansing Dew
Apply 5-8 drops into dry hands and massage across face, neck, décolleté. Apply extra if necessary. Remove with a damped cloth.

Imperial Life Force Qi Elixir 15ml
Serum - Apply 3-5 drops into palms and gently tap evenly across the whole facial area, neck and décolleté. Primer - Massage 3-5 drops before make-up. Leave-on-Mask - On top of night moisturiser, press a generous layer over face to bind moisture overnight.

Intensive Elixir Treatment Serum
Massage 1 – 3 drops into palms, massage and press across face. Massage across the neck and decollate.

Sebum & Redness Neutralising Water Shield
Apply an even layer as a spot or redness treatment before serums, as a lightweight moisturiser before heavier creams or an overnight, cooling mask.

AOX Hydro-Correct Bright & Tight Eye Serum 15ml
Apply a pea-sized amount above & under both eyes with fingers, massage with circular, tapping & pressing motions. Apply generously under eye as an SOS Eye Mask, leave on or rinse off.