001 is a luxury British natural skincare brand created by Royalty Facialist and Beauty Expert Ada Ooi. By combining western technology with eastern principles and a dose of London luxury, 001 is designed to RETURN SKIN TO A NATURAL STATE OF EQUILIBRIUM.

Formulated, tested and made in London, the superlative skincare line fuses modern bio-chemistry and traditional apothecary principles from Asia & beyond.

Its potent actives sourced from all around the world collectively restore skin balance, providing the resilience to counteract environmental imbalance, generated by free radicals in our modern lifestyles and helping to future proof our skin at a cellular level. 

"The excesses to which we expose ourselves daily – high pollution levels, work lives filled with psychological stress, overly processed foods – all require a counterbalance.” - Ada Ooi

We feel strongly about ethical and sustainable trading and adhere to our...


No silicones
No mineral oil
No parabens
No animal testing
Less packaging