001’s microSculptors™ are made of polished, medic grade, natural Bian Stone, a precious, ancient Chinese stone & one of the six major medical techniques of Chinese medicine. Used for centuries in TCM, these effective tools will help smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone & texture, firm face contours, detoxify, brighten, reduce dark circles & eliminate puffiness.

microSculptor™ n. 1 – The Pick: Inspired by TCM, the microSculptor™ is a scraping facial massage tool designed to perform modern therapeutic techniques, to induce bio-responsive movements which result in improved internal & external well-being - as reflected through the skin.
  • Techniques: Gua Sha & Meridian Stimulation - Lymphatic Drainage - Connective Tissue Manipulation
  • Biological effects: Micro-Circulation Boost – Epidermis Oxygenation - Tension & Water Retention Release
  • Skin benefits: Lifting & Sculpting - Depuffing - Evening Skin Tone, Texture & Radiance

microSculptor™ n. 3 – The Three Slopes: microSculptor™ No. 3 - The Three Slopes is designed to fit precisely with every facial contour to perform both a stimulating and relaxing massage across the face, neck, jawline and décollete while ergonomically sitting comfortably in the hand.

VA Repair & Reglow TCM-Warming Concentrate: A light, silky, easily absorbed and non-comedogenic oil rich in warm-natured ingredients known in TCM to be nourishing, fortifying & circulation-stimulating, to benefit weak and dry/stressed skin. α-Eleostearic Acid & Antioxidants address skin concerns stemming from hormonal fluctuations & environmental irritants like UV & pollution. Squalene & Resin extracts help soften visible lines and give the skin a tightened & lifted appearance.

VF Detox & Balance TCM-Cooling Concentrate: A light, silky, easily absorbed and non-comedogenic oil rich in cold-natured ingredients known in TCM to be cooling, astringent and rebalancing, to address conditions linked to heated-nature-induced acne (from stress, hormones imbalance) or irregular sebum secretion. Watermelon, Plant Hormones & Squalane help protect from external aggressions, strengthen moisture barrier and improve the appearance of scars/blemishes.

CRYOpress®: Inspired by clinical cryo-therapy, this unique ice-massage roller is a game-changing home treatment to re-ignite skin’s bio-reactions, for intense oxygenation & toxins drainage, as well as immediate & long-term improvement of skin health from its core. CRYOpress® provides a sustained -8 to 2.5°C “Cold-shock” therapy which biologically triggers the skin for an intense facial workout. Increases blood circulation, continuously pumping oxygen and nutrients to the skin surface and encourages lymphatic drainage, cell recovery & renewal.

Alpha Glow Flash Facial Serum-Primer-Mask: A light water-based gel, 3-in-1 serum, primer and mask, this advanced daily “super serum” contains 9 powerhouse ingredients that address the 4 key ageing concerns: Dehydration, Pigmentation, Wrinkles & Sensitivity. This must-have serum is so exceptional that with regular use it mimics the effects of the very best power facial.