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GIFT CARD: 001 Skincare London Bespoke Treatment

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Our Clinic Therapists are trained by Ada herself, they share Ada's vision to strengthen your skin and internal systems, aim to deliver not only immediate skin results but develop lasting holistic improvements across skin, body and mind.
All treatments are designed to mimic effect of Ada's acupuncture treatments, featuring her international famous microSculpt® protocol combined with the unique Sky & Earth Meridian Stimulation & Release Method to truly align your balance.

Bespoke microSculpt® Signature Facial
£155 (60 mins)/£200 (90mins)

Bespoke microSculpt® Mummy V-Lifter
£235 (90mins)

Bespoke Ice & Fire Line Refine Workout
£185 (60mins)/£250 (90mins)

Bespoke Liver Detox Super Bright Facial
£225 (90mins)

Bespoke Auricular Active Release Facial
£225 (90mins)

Bespoke Sculpt-Current VLift Facial
£285 (90mins)



Designed based on Ada's unique Medi-Meridian treatment strategies combining Western therapy and Chinese Medical principles, using a variety of techniques to stimulate the Meridian networks, reflexive to strengthening internal organ system health, facilitate lymphatic drainage, releasing fascia tension and its emotion memories, aligning both physical and mental health for long term benefits in regulating qi, facilitate transformation and transport of nutrients to efficiently fortify the wellbeing while supporting hormonal balance.

Cupping & Gua Sha Tension Release
£150 (60 mins)

Cupping & Gua Sha Cellu-tox Treatment
£150 (60 mins)

Womb Warming & Hormones Nurture Treatment
£195 (60 mins)

Breast Meri-Lymph Firm & Flow
£205 (60 mins)

Meri-Lymph Active Circuit Massage
£185 (60mins)



Bespoke Pinpoint Wellness ™ (with acupuncture) 

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Locations: Marylebone, Harley Street London

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