An upgraded formula, an all-round protective, balancing & cell-stimulating moisturiser. Vitamin B- Complex protects & corrects, collagen binds water & plumps skin from within, antioxidants combat pollution.

Suitable for normal, combination or skin with imbalanced sebum secretion symptoms e.g. black/white heads, acne etc.

Texture: Light cream with a silky matte film


Vit-B complex from sesame seed oil stimulates regeneration, improves pigmentation, increases collagen density and prevents chronic inflammation.

Glycerin works as a water magnet to draw water from the ambience and deeper skin layer to the epidermis for lasting hydration, improving hydro-barrier

Rich in Omega, fatty acid vegetable oil can fully moisturize and lock in moisture.

Seaweed collagen complex & Benzoin replenish collagen and elastin fibre density

Vitamin E has the property to resist oxidation, helping to improve pigmentation or other aging conditions caused by free radicals

Fennel & citrus extracts purify pores, balance sebum secretion & help depuff by draining toxins

Aromacology Grapefruit peel, tangerine, lime, benzoin and Geranium essential oils create a balanced slightly sweet and mellow blissful aroma experience


Massage almond size into skin using fingertips in gentle tapping motions.
Use after cleansing and toning, serum in the am/pm.


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