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“We wanted to create a mask treatment that not only cleanses the pores thoroughly but also helps skin create a healthy lipid barrier. This all-in-one formula clarifies impurities & packs dull, tired skin with all it needs for a radiant & plumped complexion. Especially ideal for those experiencing loss of skin moisture due to the decline of estrogen as we age, this mask is crucial to combat natural ageing concerns, pigmentation & skin sensitivity.” Ada Ooi, 001 Founder & Expert Facialist.

Why it’s Unique

A deep action, two-way decongesting & moisturising mask packed with precious French volcanic clay with its unique composition to absorb ionic-charged toxins. A hardworking plant oil complex, rich in skin-identifiable fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phenols & carotenes intensely moisturises, revitalises stressed or damaged skin & softens any visible signs of ageing.

This clay mask not only effectively deeply purifies skin but restores the skin’s hydration, clearing & tightening without skin being stripped of its natural moisture or aggravated. Leaving skin looking brightened with a moisturised and soften texture.

Why do we need it?

The 001 mix of clay from Kaolin & Bentonite carries a similar charge of ions to that of your skin, cleverly it draws impurities, toxins & heavy metals out of clogged pores whilst absorbing excess sebum. Its antibacterial properties help to dramatically reduce breakouts and blemishes, improving overall skin clarity.

The addition of Glycerin (a water magnet), Shea Butter & a cocktail of plant oils (Argan Oil, Vitamin E & Almond Oil) rich in fatty linoleic & oleic acids, easily absorb to effectively refine, protect & condition the skin, soothing any irritation or inflammation while sebum production is balanced out. Skin is left feeling soft, refreshed, firmed and looking smoothed, supple and glowing.

On top of skin benefits, a special lavender essential oil is used. Grown at high altitude in France (famous for the world's most fragrant Lavender), this beautiful and complex aroma naturally contains more 'Linalool', a component of the essential oil found to reduce stress and improve sleep – leading to enhanced hormonal health, and improvement of skin.

Suitable for all skin, not limited to oily/acne-prone skin, enlarged pores with blackheads/sebaceous filaments, mature, skin with imbalanced sebaceous secretion or dry skin that is demanding for a deep cleanse.

Aqua/ Kaolin/ Glycerin/ Bentonite/ Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil/ Butyrospermum Parkii Butter/ Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil/ Cetearyl Alcohol/ Coco-Glucoside/ Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil/ Coconut Alcohol/ Glyceryl Stearate/ Tocopherol/ Lavendula Augustofolia Oil (Lavender)/ Dehydroacetic Acid/ Disodium EDTA/ Benzyl Alcohol/ Linalool/ Geraniol/ Limonene


Apply a thin layer to face & neck (avoiding eye area) as part of a night-time ritual & leave on for 15-30 minutes. Wipe clean & rinse thoroughly with a muslin cloth or towel, finish with a splash of cold water for a fresh, healthy glowing complexion. Use once or twice a week.


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