A 3-Step kit specially created to exfoliate, hydrate and defend to help create a glow from within, prepping your skin the its optimal condition for summer.

STEP 1: Cleanse with our classic multi-functional cleanser to gently loosen dead skin and pore linings while taking off make up, SPF and accumulated dirt. Lactic Acid and Allatoin keep the skin barrier healthy and avoid sensitivity caused by the cleansing action. 

STEP 2: Exfoliate with Pure Active AHA & Enzyme Peel with a 3-step activations: Scrub, melt and seal. Reveal soft, smooth and radiance from within.

STEP 3: Apply Active Marine Collagen Serum, a Hollywood make up artists favourite for its visible line plumping, deeply hydrating and sebum balancing serum with a silky finish. High level of anti-oxidants defend and repair UV damage.

deeply hydrate with light textures, balance sebum activities, provide.