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Love the rose

Been using this for a few weeks and the texture is amazing. I especially love it for the rosey fragrance!!

Miracle worker in a jar

This Sebum & Redness Neutralising Water Shield formula
is very special. It is cooling on the skin & a high performing
product that gives consistent performance.

Starter kit

I purchase this kit for myself, to be honest i really the cleansing dew, the smell is so nice and my skin drinks this up, if you have not try the Alpha glow flash i use this only when am wearing make up as a primer and it a pure glow.
I have to give the others a while to see if it has made a different to my skin.

Excellent moisturiser

Use it as an everyday moisturiser. It’s the best I’ve used.

Loved it

Great consultation and recommendation. I already started using the alpha glow flash facial and love it. It makes my skin brighter and smoother.

Gift set

Very satisfied with the set, live all the items in the set. Looking more offers to come.

3 Step Starter System

I noticed a difference to my skin after only a few days it’s really soft and fine lines are much less visible. I’m really enjoying all the products and my skin is beginning to glow. Really happy can’t wait to try more of the range.

Gift set

I loved all the products in this gift set. Worth of the price and still number beauty product for me.

Awesome products

Peel works magically
Cleansing oil makes my day, love starting my morning with it

The best

I always repeat. The results are amazing. I am in love with this serum .

Love it, best ever!

Irreplaceable. Transforms skin


My skin has never looked better. Trusted products and brand.

Calming and hydrating water base serum

Quenching the thirst of my skin in a second, I love this product

Life force

Lovely to use , silky smooth.
Leaves skin smooth and soft.

Perfect for my skin

This cream is so easily absorbed, not too heavy and just the right moisture. I’m loving it ! I use the alpha glow flash facial under it and they seem to be working well on my eye area.

Micro Alpha-Glow System

I love this amazing dermal microniser. Micrometre Particles create a sense of a rose petal sliding over your face. It brings out radiance, beauty and happiness . It is so easy use and such a wonderful experience. Thank you, Ada.

natalie wansbrough-jones

Not normally a fan of mists but this is different

natalie wansbrough-jones
Excellent moisturiser

This has really changed the appearance of my skin, it's got a lovely light weight texture but seems to still moisturise deeply so my skin feels super hydrated yet really glows


This toner mist is perfect for any skin. Mine is so sensitive and I have zero issues! It feels great and I love having a spray instead of having to use a cotton ball. I highly recommend!

always the best m

Probably the best skin care product in the market

I stopped this product for couple months and tried something different but new product did not give me a good result as Cleansing dew. Cleansing dew much more helped my dry and dull skin improving. I started to love this product even more.

Great products with high quality

These have become the staples of my skincare routine


I could feel my skin soften, could see it’s brighten no more pores visible!. My skin is so smooth now!

Best hydrating cream!

001’s water shield is one of a kind - I love its cooling sensation especially in the summer heat, and once absorbed it creates a smooth film over the face which serves as the perfect base for makeup. Will be stocking up again soon!

Beautiful products

I have noticed a big difference on my skin texture! Am using it almost everyday and when I do it at night - makes me calm!! Makes me happy!