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I recommend the experience with the consultation with Ada

Ada is an excellent professional and I had Carmen as a translator, that made it easier for me to communicate with Ada.

Wonderful Serum

This is my second bottle of Alpha-Glow Flash Facial and Im hooked! My skin looks and feels more hydrated.
Wonderful product and highly recommend...

Rosa Damascena

The most amazing product. It make your face glow with happiness

Resultado eficaz inmediato ! ✨👌🏻✨

Muy eficaz en una aplicación. Notas la piel más firme, el poro mas reducido dejando mas fina la piel y luminosa. Efecto tensor inmediato, radiante en un momento. 💁‍♀️✨

Friends & Family Exclusive: Airline On-board CRYO-Flash Facial Travel Set
Agnes Remedios
Travel Set

Very good and easy to use. I can feel the glow after using Cyropress. The serum can be absorb within a minute and you won’t feel any sticky or oily in your skin. Thank you for this wonderful recommendation.

Refreshing sensation!

I use it daily, as my eyes are often swollen when I wake up, and are very tired after hours of work on a computer. I absolutely love the product. Refresing sensation! So good. The eye area feels so relaxed and awake afterwards.

Already gave it to two girlfriends as a birthday present and will purchase it for my mom. Funny enough, my boyfriend steals it from time to time, too! :D

Masajeador relajante💁‍♀️✨

El aceite es muy agradable, dejando la piel muy suave y sin sensación grasa👍🏻✨. La piedra de masaje es genial, tiene un agarre muy cómodo que facilita el movimiento en la cara, dejando una sensación muy relajante en la piel🎐✨.

Vanesa BV
Bruma refrescante e hidratante.

Bruma agradable que ayuda a refrescar la piel con aroma relajante. Deja la piel fresca y con un tacto agradable y suave. Se abosrve muy bien y deja la piel con tacto suave. Yo lo pongo en la nevera y me ayuda con el calor👌🏻✨💁‍♀️✨😊

The best of the best!

I have been looking for a product for my sensitive skin. And i found it at last and I love it so much. Thank you! Highly Recommended. Can’t wait to my next purchased to arrived😊

Aroma muy agradable 👩🏻✨👌🏻

Agradable fragancia, relajante y buena sensación en la piel. 👍🏻✨

Genial! 😀✨👌🏻✨

Muy contenta con el producto, realmente se nota la eficacia 🦋✨👌🏻. Los aceites tienen muy buen aroma, la fragancia es relajante y con el uso de ambos (piedra + aceite) seguro tengo mejores resultados. Gracias 🌺🦋.

Sophie Mclellan
Glowy Goodness

I'd done a lot of research into buying the Cyropress facial kit and even though it is expensive, it is worth every single penny. My skin hasn't ever been this good and glowly. The coldness takes a bit getting use too but the results are fantastic. I'm so happy I invested in the Cryro press kit. The Alpha Glow serum is really something else. I absolutely love it. Amazing all round.

Exfoliating & Conditioning cleanser

I LOVE this cleanser. It is soft and never leaves my skin feeling dry. I’m currently fighting off an eyelid infection and have to wash my eye area and lids with a gentle soap and am finding this cleanser perfect even for this!

Effective radiance

I really like the very cold roller and Alpha glow flash serum as together it gives the skin a radiant effect. The gel sample packets to use after were ok, I prefer a creme though.The cryo effect feels like it is supporting lymphatic drainage. I gave 4 not 5 stars as I found it arduous to keep returning the roller and extracting it from the freezer!

Perfect for hot summer

I use it on my face and body to cool down my skin after sunbath. :)

Great product

Love everything about this cream: its matt texture, its soothing effect and its lovely smell.

This works!

I’ve had rosacea on and off for years and this is the first product that works immediately on calming redness and breakouts and even making spots disappear overnight. It’s a miracle!

Brightens the eye area

I’ve been applying this as a mask and have been very pleased with the way it moisturises the eye area and seems to smooth fine lines - would highly recommend

Great Routine

These three products help manage my sensitive, acne-prone skin well.

Gentleness that works

Peels never work on my skin, I trusted 001skincare and the product description enough to give it a try as I really don’t need a deeper cleanse every now and then. I am glad to report that I am able to use it on a weekly basis with no red patches on my cheeks! Skin felt smooth but moisturized - this actually exists in real world /)

A nice treat for my face

The microSculptor No. 3 is easy to use and does give what it promises. After using the tool with VA Repair and Reglow oil, my skin has become smoother and brighter. Highly recommended!

PEEL & GLOW KIT (Worth £87)
Sabina Strahm-Waller

Wonderful smooth skin! Great!

Marine collagen

A true joy to use! I’m really enjoying this product. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in hydration and plumpness of skin. I use this as a moisturiser and it works well alone or with sunscreen and make up on top. A little product goes a long way too!

Super Gua Sha. For self massage and for professional. I recommended

Great tool

This is beautiful, easy to use with detailed instructions..