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microSculptor® No.1 THE PICK
natalie wansbrough-jones

I brought this after watching an Aida insta video post and have used tools before in the past but this one is in a league of its own. My spcefic issues are puffiness under the eyes which no
Eye cream seems to shift. Using the tool I can literally see the puffiness drain away and it even helps when I do just a little because that particular day I don't have tons of time. In addition I have wrinkle lines in the furrow of my brow which I feel have faded since using this tool.

One of my fave products!

Alpha Glow Flash Facial

Love it! I use it before I moisturise in the morning and over my night cream in the evening. My skin feels smooth and looks fresh.

I love my 001 products!!

Over the past 3 years, I’ve loved EVERYTHING I’ve bought from 001.

Alpha-Paradise Cleansing Dew Stocking Filler (Worth £24)
Alpha paradise cleansing dew

Love this product! Smells so good and my skin feels so soft. This company’s customer service is amazing too!!


Alpha glow

Too early to say but feels nice to use

Tiny but mighty

Such a nifty little tool! It gives my skin care routine such a great boost!

Arsasaha Wonlathee
Very high quality

Very high quality


Love this eye cream

Life changing

Bought all 3!

I purchased the four piece set. The Cryopresse feels so wonderful on the face and really gets the blood going. I have just started using the three slopes micro sculptor and the microscoper number one with the alpha glow flash facial. It really makes a difference! I also purchased the icicle and it feels amazing too. I have it on my make up vanity and I'm going to make it a daily habit. The only bummer is be very careful with the icicles they are fragile. I accidentally broke one of mine and it shattered but at least I have one left! The face wash sample that I got smell just like Hawaii. I am definitely going to keep using this system and the products. I wish that there was a website that you can watch all the videos on easily I seem to have to search around on YouTube and search to find videos of how to use the products. But they do include nice little cards that are step-by-step. Overall I am very impressed.

Gel cleanser

This Cleanser is so gentle and conditioning on my sensitive skin .. absolutely love it

Best gadget

It's easy to use and delivers the serum straight where is mostly needed Alpha glow now easier to apply than previously when i used the dropper,my skin feels very smooth and well hydrated


Love it - as I do all of your products - will be buying it again

Beautiful over makeup

Smells delicious- this is a really hydrating mist that works beautifully over makeup

Three in one-what value.!

I always use the serum,which is recommendation in itself,marvellous stuff.
Similarly I always use the peeler-so simple to use.The recovery cream is a new
one on me,but now a great addition to my beauty regime

Glowing look

V happy with all the serums also pricy but on sale the price was brilliant!
5 stars

Love it❣️

Finally got my hands on 001 London Gua Sha and it’s perfect. The stone feels very much in harmony with my skin and completely relaxes you when using it. The size of it makes it easy to hold too.

Good moisturizer

This is a good, lightweight, get it done moisturizer. It is not a “one stop shop” moisturizer, however it is ideal for daytime wear or if you don’t like richer moisturizers. I prefer the recovery cream because I like thicker creams, but that’s just me


This is my third bottle of the alpha glow flash facial. I use it as a primer and on top of my night cream. My skin feels tighter. Looks more radiant. Less oily and balanced. Often have compliments on how young my skin looks. I would also recommend the cryo press. I use straight out the shower with my skincare routine.

Great product

I’ve been using this for a while now. Glides on easily and skin doesn’t dry out during the day.

Love this!

My skin is soaking this up and loving it. My sink feels softer having used this.

Quite good

Glow, glow, glow …

Very hard to choose a favourite product from the range but this one is right up there! I love the smell, the texture and the results. I use this daily and more mindfully then any other product, I take my time with it as I massage it in, really easy to use and the smell transports me to a calmer place each time, menopause hasn’t been kind to my skin but it hasn’t felt or looked this good in ages since using this product. VA Repair & Reglow does exactly that.