Our Clinic Therapists are trained by Ada herself, they share Ada's vision to strengthen your skin and internal systems, aim to deliver not only immediate skin results but develop lasting holistic improvements across skin, body and mind. All treatments feature Ada's world famous microSculpt® protocol combined with the unique Sky & Earth Meridian Stimulation & Release Method to truly align your skin and wellbeing.

Bespoke microSculpt® Signature Facial

The original face sculpting treatment that Ada designed to firm and tighten facial structure, made famous amongst the A-Lists for the most demanding Red Carpet & screen work. Hello cheekbones, goodbye puffiness.

£155 (60 mins)/ £200 (90mins)


Bespoke microSculpt® Mummy V-Lifter

microSculpt® lifting and sculpting effect intensified with a tailored
face shaper made bespoke to your facial contour to further banish
sagging and jowls, promote lasting tightening and firming effect.

£235 (90mins)


Bespoke Ice & Fire Line Refine Workout

Interchanging temperatures create genuine bio-reaction to boost circulation and metabolism, awakening in-depth regrowth and drainage activities to refine skin complexion and firm texture while smoothing tension and lines.

£185 (60mins) / £250 (90mins)


Bespoke Liver Detox Super Bright Facial

According to Chinese Medicine, both our physical and mental waste are being stored and processed in the liver. A unique TCM protocol to initiate liver detox to alleviate tension across the mind and the bodily system, support a holistic waste management cycle, in return to have the effect shining through brighter and clearer complexion.

£225 (90mins)


Bespoke Auricular Active Release Facial

By stimulating targeted auricular
acupoints we guide the body and mind to go through a circuit workout and relaxation cycle that boost microcirculation, while also attracting more blood to the face area to actively oxygenate detoxify the skin from within. Expect a youthful post workout glow.

£225 (90mins)


Bespoke Intensive Sculpt-Current Facial

Our ultimate lifting and sculpting
facial by combining Ada’s signature microSculpt® facial with
Micro-Current to increase intra-cellular activities to tighten, lift and
smooth muscles and connective tissues across the face. Expect raised eye contour, cheeks and chin.

£285 (90mins)


ADD-ONs (Please Request/ Discuss with Therapist):

Extended Eye Treatment,Extraction, Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage | £25 (15 mins)

Cupping & Gua Sha Tension Release

By combining both gua sha and cupping*, we are able to break up deeply knotted facia adhesions, relieve stagnated tension long held within the
body. At the same time boosting blood circulation, oxygenating the musculoskeletal system while facilitating toxins drainage, resetting mobility and flexibility to our muscle tone and alignment. 

£150 (60 mins) / £225 (90 mins)


Cupping & Gua Sha Cellu-tox Treatment

Gua sha is used to breakdown stagnated tension and fluids accumulated within the body, kick start increased blood circulation for nutrients and oxygen to enter and flushing waste through the lymphatic system. Flow cupping* and static cupping* intensify blood flow to deliver collagen and elastin within the skin to firm and tighten over time.

*Cupping does not necessarily have to leave marks, our clinic therapist is able to deliver an equally effective treatment adjusting between flow and static cupping for you to leave with/without cup marks.

£150 (60 mins) / £225 (90mins)


Meri-Lymph Active Circuit Massage

Full body massage combining Chinese Meridian and Lymphatic network to stimulate, release stagnation and promote drainage. Effectively reboot the body's circuit from the inside out for optimal balance and skin toxicity.

£185 (60mins) / £275 (90mins)



Please choose your treatment above and request your appointment slot on our calender. Once we've received your request & payment we'll be in touch within 48 hours to confirm your booking time.

Clinic Location: Harley Street, Marylebone London

To achieve continuous and lasting positive results we recommend a course of at least 6-8 sessions and visit every 2-4 weeks. This is incremental to build a progressive reflex memory to your mind, body and
skin to adapt and function to its optimal balance.

For further enquiries please email us at BOOKINGS@001SKINCARE.COM or fill in the contact form below

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