Alpha-Paradise Cleansing Dew: A 100% natural and lightweight oil cleanser with a luscious, indulgent texture and incredibly beautiful aroma. Rich in antioxidants & Omega-3, actively nourishes while deep cleansing. The skin is left nourished, hydrated, and the complexion appears healthier and more radiant.

Alpha Glow Flash Facial Serum-Primer-Mask: A light water-based gel, 3-in-1 serum, primer and mask, this advanced daily “super serum” contains 9 powerhouse ingredients that address the 4 key ageing concerns: Dehydration, Pigmentation, Wrinkles & Sensitivity. This must-have serum is so exceptional that with regular use it mimics the effects of the very best power facial.

Amino Acids & Lipids Recovery Cream: A nutritional first-aid cream formulated with skin-identical amino-acids, lipid proteins and antioxidant complexes. It helps strengthen the skin barrier, makes the skin appear tighter and helps combat dullness, wrinkles and sagging.