The Original Cryo-therapy at your home: 

CRYOpress® utilises a proprietary design for sub-zero temperature control to sustain between -8 to 2.5°C for 30 minutes (may vary due to ambience temperature). This temperature range of CRYOpress® is tested to be safe and effectively triggers blood circulation while continuously pumping oxygen and nutrients to the epidermis, also encouraging lymphatic drainage activities.

It mimics the biological response of an intense workout, improves skin’s overall condition at its core and helps skin stay healthy and fresh. 

CRYOpress® is proven to work best to achieve intending results with our multi-awarded ALPHA GLOW FLASH FACIAL 3-in-1 Serum, you can purchase the set here

"Beloved by model Iris Law and musician Lily Allen, 001 skincare Cryopress is selling at a rapid rate because it gives people the option to have a facial without leaving the house."

Expect to experience the following benefits:

• Tightened, firmed and lifted skin
• Minimises pore size
• Releases muscle tension to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
• Soothes inflammation, redness and reduces puffiness
• Improves stress-linked skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis
• Regenerates tissue to aid scar recovery
• Reduces pigmentation or uneven skin tone
• Rejuvenate fatigued skin for a clearer and more radiant complexion from every angle

Continual usage is like sending your face to a gym regularly, your skin will be trained with the right signals to perform for optimal results.

When CRYOpress is in contact with skin, cold receptors are stimulated, blood will be called to the epidermis to compensate hence increasing micro circulation in the area. The continuous rolling motions also blood circulation, this combination comes to fruition by delivering more oxygen & nutrients to the skin’s surface encouraging new cells growth while flushing toxins and impurities away from the skin. This supports better oxygenation of dermal cells, encourages collagen production and helps to detox, tighten & even skin tone.

Place CRYOpress in the freezer at all times (freeze for at least 30 mins before first use). Wipe clean/rinse with water before and/or after usage.

The CRYOpress Ritual

Allow 5-15 minutes for massage to get the brightening and lifting effect. Apply  001 Alpha-Glow Flash Facial 3-in-1 Serum, use the roller back and forth, up and down and out to the side working around your facial contours for an uplifting massage. More pressure with upwards motion will lift the muscles. Rolling down helps send the toxins built up in the face towards the centre of the body where they can be detoxified.

Used in combination with 001 skincare, it works the ingredients more deeply into the skin for proven skin benefits.

*Your skin may look slightly red right after use due to increased blood flow induced by low temperature and motion stimulation. It should fade within a few minutes. If symptoms persists contact your health

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