Detoxing the Mind & the Body

FEBRUARY 3, 2021

The long, cold winter months are beginning to draw to a close and spring can be seen on the horizon. In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this changing of the seasons has a direct effect on our health, affecting the balance of the elements inside each one of us. In relation to these external changes, we too should adapt accordingly to promote good health. By living in harmony with the environment, we can encourage a renewal within ourselves reflective of the re-growth of nature during Spring.

In TCM spring is associated with the liver. Responsible for renewing, cleaning and energising the body, Chinese Medicine theory teaches us that the liver is linked to our emotions. By detoxing the liver of negative feelings, we become reinvigorated and ready for new beginnings both within ourselves and our environmental surroundings.


By definition, detoxing means to abstain from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances. Most commonly, people will focus on the first half of the solution by reducing their intake of sugar, alcohol and salt. Considering the second aspect, introducing self-care rituals can be an effective way to remove these toxins from the body. By learning how to respond to the body’s natural rhythm you can often avoid the over use of drugs or medications. 

In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), body's main detoxification systems are the liver, lungs, skin, kidney, digestive and lymph system. Keeping your lymphatic system moving during these cold winter months is the number one way to boost your immune system whilst detoxing the body. Unlike the circulatory system, it does not have a ‘pump’ to keep it moving and therefore relies on us staying active. Carrying toxins, such as cigarette particles and food additives, away from the tissues and into the blood, the detoxification organs then filter the toxins away.


microSculpt Joy Kit

Pairing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with western apothecary, we have created the perfect kit to keep your lymphatic rivers flowing, detoxify the body and improve your immunity. Introducing the microSCULPT™ JOY KIT.

This kit contains uniquely crafted massage devices that stimulate a natural biological reaction through lymphatic movements. Promoting nutrient deliveries as well as toxin and fluid drainage, additional benefits include enhanced oxygenation, sculpted contours and a translucent glow from within. Including two massage tools and your choice of serum, you simply follow the 001 facial massage guide to feel the full benefits of this simple self-care ritual.

Lets talk you through the tools :

microSculptor™ n.1 – The Pick  microSculptor No. 1 - The Pick
Inspired by TCM, The Pick is a double ended tool designed to perform modern therapeutic techniques. For those of you who are familiar with facial massage methods, this tool can be used to perform Gua Sha and Meridian Stimulation. If you have no idea what those terms mean, no need to panic. Our Instagram is full of tutorials and information to help you get maximum use from your kit such as this video. Ideal for Lymphatic Drainage, the skin benefits include a notable lift and sculpt, depuffing, as well as improved tone, texture and radiance.

microSculptor™ n.3 – The Three Slopes
microSculptor No. 3 - The Three Slopes
The Three Slopes is designed to fit precisely with every facial contour to perform both a stimulating and relaxing massage across the face, neck, jawline and décollete while ergonomically sitting comfortably in the hand.

All of our microSculptors™ are made of polished, medic grade, natural Bian Stone, a precious, ancient Chinese stone and one of the six major medical techniques of Chinese medicine. Used for centuries in TCM, these effective tools perform the ultimate at home detox whilst smoothing wrinkles, firming the face contours and brightening your complexion.

Our serums are light, silky, easily absorbed and non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog up your pores. For those of you who suffer from weak, dry or stressed skin, we recommend selecting the VA Repair & Reglow TCM-Warming Concentrate. If you suffer from hormone imbalances, heated-nature-induced acne or irregular sebum secretion, opt for the VF Detox & Balance TCM-Cooling Concentrate.

We propose pairing these tools with the serum best suited to you and adding this self-care ritual to your daily practice. Now more than ever, preserving your health on all levels is of the utmost importance. With so many of us now sat at home behind a screen, even if its just for 10 minutes a day, establishing a self-care, detox routine can be the perfect ‘pick me up’.